Santa Ana Permanent Partial or Total Disability Attorney

Some injuries are simply too severe or significant to be fully cured; if you have suffered a workplace injury that results in a permanent disability or impairment, you may be entitled to compensation. Permanent partial disability claims are often undervalued by insurance companies, meaning you will have to fight for proper compensation for your injuries. A Santa Ana Permanent Disability Attorney can help fight for your rights and ensure you know everything you are entitled to. You can also learn more about your options when it comes to permanent disability and Social Security benefits.

Santa Ana Temporary Partial or Total Disability Attorney

Attorney Joseph E. Richards is a Santa Ana Temporary Disability Attorney who can answer your questions in his practice area of Workers' Compensation. If you are seeking compensation about a claim, have a work-related disability, or have any other questions about related benefits, he will work to find the best outcome for you. Focusing on California Workers' Compensation Insurance and Social Security Disability, Attorney Joseph E. Richards is passionate about his clients and will fight for your rights if you choose him to represent you.

Santa Ana Medical Treatment Attorney

When you are injured on the job, your medical expenses, from surgery to doctors’ fees and equipment should be covered. Worker’s compensation should also cover your transportation and lodging costs incurred as you seek treatment. Your Santa Ana Workers’ Compensation attorney can also help you cover extra costs like home healthcare if recommended by your doctor.

If you have been injured and your employer or insurer is not providing the benefits they are supposed to, we can help. Our team fights hard for your rights and we understand how even a seemingly minor injury can derail your life and impact your financial future. Contact us for help with your workers’ compensation needs and to talk about your specific case.

Santa Ana Wage and Hour Rights Attorney

If you think that your wage and hour rights have been violated in Santa Ana, you need an attorney you can trust. Only a qualified attorney who understands these cases can maximize your chances of recovering compensation from your employer. To consult an experienced wage and hour rights/workers' compensation attorney in Santa Ana, please contact the Law Office of Joseph E. Richards today.