Wage and Hour Rights

Federal law protects certain employee rights, including the right to a minimum amount of compensation for hours worked and adequate overtime pay. In the state of California, even greater protections are available to employees under state law. If you believe that any of your federal or state rights have been violated, you need to contact a Santa Ana Wage and Hour Rights Attorney as soon as possible.

About Santa Ana Wage and Hour Rights

In the State of California, most employees must be paid a minimum wage depending upon where they work and the type of work performed. The minimum wage has increased over time and may increase in the coming years. California also requires employers to pay overtime to any qualifying employee. Overtime is calculated differently depending upon the nature of the work performed, but generally as 1.5 times the employee's regular pay rate, including most commissions and bonuses. Double time may also be required when an employee works more than a certain number of hours in a single day. In addition, California law requires employers to provide most employees a 30-minute meal break and rest periods after a certain number of hours of work.

When employers don't comply with wage and hour laws, employees may be able to take legal action.

How can a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help?

Every employee has the right to request copies of any personnel records related to his or her employment. A Santa Ana Workers’ Compensation Attorney can review these records, which may include W-2 forms, I-9 forms, waivers of any kind, arbitration agreements, performance evaluations, warnings, documents reflecting corrective action and/or discipline, grievances, job assignments and/or job descriptions related to employment. After a careful evaluation of the facts, the attorney will be able to determine whether the employee’s rights have been violated. Depending on the specifics, the attorney may also be able to help the employee take the appropriate legal action.

Contact a Wage and Hour Rights Attorney in Santa Ana

If you think that your wage and hour rights have been violated in Santa Ana, you need an attorney you can trust. Only a qualified attorney who understands these cases can maximize your chances of recovering compensation from your employer. To consult an experienced wage and hour rights/workers’ compensation attorney in Santa Ana, please contact the Law Office of Joseph E. Richards today.

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